Tesco Hazelnut Crispy Pillows

It’s always nice to start off a review on a nasty note. This is a rip-off of the Kellogg’s Krave cereal. It’s a whole Pound cheaper than the Branded one (at 1.69 vs 2.69), and comes in a cardboard box that’s thicker as well. Not much in terms of a description – the box-art tells you pretty much all you need to know.

In fact, I think the pictures here are WAY more realistic than those used by the original: note how –

1) there aren’t any corny cereal “creatures” here.

2) You can actually SEE the texture of each piece

3)The shade of colour used is equivalent to the actual cereal specimen.

So with that – I’d say Tesco isn’t misrepresenting itself here (I apologize for going over this first – I am a Law student, after all)

THE SPECIMEN: The Pillows are large; about the size of the top digit of your thumb. Not as big as a Bite Size shredded wheat, but still enough to constitute a mouthful (together with milk) when you’re eating it.


Crispy, in a wafer-sort of way, airy as well. the insides are generously filled with a little dollop (I’d estimate 3ml worth) of filling. The cavity isn’t ENTIRELY filled though, I’d say about 3/4s filled. This bodes well – and doesn’t give such an empty bite to it.

Biting into this thing is a separate matter altogether. Thoughts of a confectionery pervade- this isn’t a breakfast cereal! It’s like a separate biscuit delight altogether, something you snack on as a guilty indulgence, something OVER-QUALIFIED as a breakfast cereal. How did Tesco achieve this?
It seems they outdid themselves on quality here. The taste is reminiscent of a cheaper variety of Nutella, yet it delivers the hazelnut message clearly. It isn’t as sweet as you’d expect – in fact it’s less calorific /100g than the typical Krave cereal.
Nutty whiffs amidst the wafer background; breaking into milky smooshiness if you eat this with milk. Oh dear – cereal-gasm there.


There IS one problem with this one. You either get through a bowl too quickly; with each mouthful collapsing and compressing so well in the milk, or, you get through a bowl too slowly, like me, eating them one by one, savouring the texture and subtlety of the hazelnut-wafer amalgam that each piece is so delicately made to resemble.

I do have one question, that I suppose can be posed to any complex cereal product out there – how in the world are these manufactured? I think some credit should be paid to not just he who came up with the concept of such “filled cereal puffs”, but also to he who devised the manufacturing process.

Gotta be some high-flying Food Engineer, or something.

-The Exercising Male.


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