All Bran Golden Crunch

Many people see All Bran as a boring choice, rabbit food, brown, tasteless sticks; I on the other hand, love the stuff, I could eat bowl after bowl of it, drenched in milk, stirred with yoghurt, any which way you put it, I’ve always had a soft spot for its “branny” goodness, so you can imagine my delight when I saw a new product pop up in the cereal aisle..NEW ALL BRAN GOLDEN CRUNCH, what is this I hear you ask?

All Bran Golden Crunch Cereal

Described as crunchy wheat bran and mixed cereal pieces with a caramel flavour, it is a cluster cereal, with pieces around the size of your average granola, but health fans, be warned, this is not your healthy All-Bran regular cereal,  packing 405kcal per 100g and 21g of sugar it is not as forgiving on the waistline as its 334kcal regular counter part and with less than half of the standard All Bran fibre count at 13g. However it is extremely good!

The clusters are a good decent size, and combine a light bran flavour mixed with a sweet notes of caramel, the caramel isn’t so overpowering that it would be too sweet to eat on a morning but is certainly prevalent enough that you are able to tell what the flavour is. They provide a lovely good crunch, whether eating them out of the box as a quick on the go cereal fix, or when poured into a bowl and topped with milk, the clusters give way slightly, but never become soggy which is always a major plus. There’s nothing more upsetting than ending up with a soggy bowl of cereal before you’ve even had chance to truly appreciate the goodness.

All Bran Golden Crunch Cereal

With these being a bit sweeter than regular All Bran; I would say they would appeal to Bran lovers and non-Bran loves alike, I liked them, my family, normally All Bran haters, liked them. So generally its a win win..apart from the fact of course that it isn’t as healthy, but if you want something as a bit of a treat or  you are just enticed by the NEW signs on products then at least know that this shouldn’t be too much of a let down for you, with it’s sweet tempting Bran/Caramel flavour.


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