Kellogg’s Coco Pops Choc n Roll

A popular cereal remade to be a healthier version suited for kids. Targeted not just at kids with its flashy marketing and cereal mascot, but with its claims of “fibre”, etc.

Come on; we aren’t fooled, Kellogg’s.

1) Yeah, maybe Choc n Roll DOES have 5 times as much (10g v 2g) of fibre when compared with Frosties

2) Yeah, maybe Choc n Roll IS on the <400kcal / 100g range of cereals (hence fairly healthy with respect to granolas which average 500kcal / 100g)

3) Yeah, maybe Choc n Roll DOES taste less sweet than conventional Cocopops, and has less sugar (26g v 35g) than the original.

But COME ON – what you’ve given us is just a gussied up version of a product that already exists, and which you can use as a hook to hang additional material on. (i.e. those health claims above)

So Choc n Roll IS healthier than Frosties and Coco Pops, that, we’ve established.

But how does it taste though? Does it even qualify as the sugary treat we cereal-lovers so crave?

That’s what this review is for.

Size-wise (you’ll have to get used to my thumb references here), you can pretty much tell from the picture that the “Rolls” are large. Bite-size, but still larger than the coco pops you might be used to. If grabbing by the fist-ful, they won’t fall out of your hands that easily.

So what you get in the morning is a bowl of these little circular things, about 40 or so in a typical serving (that’s 30g, according to the box), for 113 kcal. (and a measly 3g of fibre)

I won’t apologise for the grainy photos here – there really isn’t much to this cereal.

Taste-wise it’s sweet: it’s malty like Nesquik, but chocolatey like Nestle / Hershey’s (if you’ve had those) chocolate. Of course, that’s a joke in itself, to use “chocolatey” next to Hershey’s. What you get is mockolate at its best, just some sweet “chocolate-flavoured” snack whose flavour disappears almost as quickly as it enters your mouth.

Texture-wise; that’s the fun part. Yeah, it’s crunchy like Coco Pops; but what’s different here is that owing to its size, its CORE stays crunchy in milk, hence a soft, milk-soaked exterior which yields to a substantial centre.

It’s a pity the taste doesn’t match its well-initiated texture. The fact that it’s less sweet actually works against it here. It doesn’t even stain your milk brown to give you that wonderful cereal milk (see seriouseats for more)

It’s just a larger version of coco pops that has some varied nutritionals from the original. It’s healthier, but with a mere 1 or 2g of fibre more; which, quite honestly, you could get from half an apple, or some broccoli.

Good job Kellogg’s; I’m not sure how much you profited from this “new cereal”, but guessing from the reviews online, you sent samples to a great number of “family / mum” blogs with hopes of hitting that family bracket.

I won’t be buying more of this. I’ll have my sweeter Coco Pops any time, the textural difference is marginal, though laudable.

-The Exercising Male


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