Weetabix Strawberry Crispy Minis

I’m loving going into the supermarket aisles at the minute and finding a whole load of new cereal for me to try out; every since I was young I’ve always loved the various different Minibix products that Weetabix have brought out; Fruit & Nut and Banana were always my favourite until they disappointingly stopped making my beloved Banana-bix. However I am pleased to say that a new fruit edition has been brought out in the form of a Strawberry variety.

Weetabix Strawberry Crispy Minis

First things first I wanted to check on the packaging to see how the strawberry flavour was achieved, was it natural, what exactly was this achieved by, apparently the little red flecks in the mini Weetabix are “Strawberry flavoured fruity pieces” made up of fruit purees of Apple and..wait for it..Strawberry at 0.3%!!  Ah yes a strawberry flavoured breakfast cereal..with it being made up of 0.3% strawberry..because that makes perfect sense..

Weetabix Strawberry Crispy Minis

The Minibixes are a nice small size and are much easier to snack on, if you wish, than the regular large Weetabix; pouring myself a large bowlful I decided to set a couple aside to try cold for reviewing purposes. I only ever usually eat my Weetabix warmed up; its certainly tastier and extremely comforting on a morning..if you haven’t tried it warm yet I strongly recommend that you do! Whilst mine were heating in the microwave I let my “off casts” sit in their milk for a little while to see how they held up; nice, still slightly crunchy on the inside with a nicer soft exterior to sink your teeth into and a good refreshing strawberry flavour.

Weetabix Strawberry Crispy Minis

Of course for me, the real deal was trying them as I normally would, warm and slightly mushy with the top ones still having a bit of crispiness to them, the thing I love about heating these little babies up is that as you slowly eat them the Minibixes in the bottom of the bowl start to absorb any excess milk and create a delightful Weetabix paste, flecked with what every addition has been added to them, in this instance, strawberry pieces.

Weetabix Strawberry Crispy Minis

Surprisingly despite only being 0.3% strawberry these do actually taste pretty good; the strawberry flavours taste pretty natural and they are sweet, but no where near as sweet as other breakfast cereals and is pleasantly offset with the classic Weetabix flavour, I would say a successful addition to the Weetabix range, I would come back for more!


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