Kellogg’s Honey Loops

Here’s a warning. This is going to be a short post.

Kellogg’s Honey Loops is nothing.

1) a cereal, granted by the fact that it’s on the aisle where those are found

2) a collation of loops, granted by… It’s name / label

3) A sweet cereal, granted by the word “honey”.

4) It’s cheap, granted by its pricing along the lines of Coco Pops and Cornflakes.

That’s it. Nothing else. Nada.

That’s what disappoints me here (I seem to be disappointed quite a lot, don’t I?). As you can see from the photos, even the colour of Honey Loops is terribly plain: akin to a worn out piece of linen that is discarded after use by a wealthy merchant, and perhaps pulverised and added as colouring to this cereal. Even the TEXTURE was akin to linen – porous, with actual visible holes in each piece.

No doubt this serves as a sponge to suck up milk; but it’s nothing more than how Cheerios, Sugar Puffs, or any other porous cereal does it. Simply by virtue of its holes. Nothing new, nothing surprising.
I would say it had a moderate level of crunch to it, when added with or without milk.
A) With milk – it gets soggy after a good 5 to 6 minutes; afterwhich even its “core” becomes soft and uninteresting.
B) without milk – its crunchy, but not in the “croquant” or hard candy manner, but in the manner of a thick toasted bread crust. If you get my drift.

It even resembled a Cheerio. Look at this.

Now on to the “honey” part of this. I suppose it’s what draws people to the cereal, anyhow. I doubt the shape of it would be substantial enough a reason for anyone (who is old enough to read this blog) to reach for this cereal on the shelf.

I didn’t detect a bit of “honey” in this. Not even the artificial sweet tones you get from Nestle’s “Honey Stars” – whom I applaud for the effort to do justice to their name. Kellogg’s has totally failed here. If only I could depict all this in a picture – alas I can’t. Maybe I could describe this sweetness as simply lacking in basal character – it isn’t even “sweet”, it doesn’t feel kiddish. It tastes healthy, and has a similar sweetness to Cheerios.

Totally unsatisfying, Kellogg’s. Even the nutritionals are bad – you’re as calorific as Frosties ( 377kcal / 100g vs. 375kcal / 100g). Ok you have 5 grams more protein than the latter; but you contain a mere 3 grams less sugar than the latter (34g vs. 37g).

Quite honestly – i wouldn’t buy Honey Loops by virtue of its protein content – that paltry 5g works out to 1g per serving. One gulp of milk would give you that much protein. It’s taste was disappointing too.

Oh Kellogg’s; why do you continue with this cereal? Nostalgia? Maybe your buyers love the Bee on the front of the Box. Hmm.

-The Exercising Male


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