Nature’s Path – EnviroKidz Panda Puffs (Peanut Butter)

A cereal with a dual-pronged marketing fork of a strategy:

1) Towards those who care for the environment, with proceeds going towards wildlife conservation

2) Towards kids (with the pictures of cute animals)

I guess that means this cereal is, or has, a “1-up” over your conventional cereals then, and I shouldn’t poke fun at the pictures of cutesy animals on the box, similar to how I made fun of those utilised by Kellogg’s.

I got these shipped in from the States through iHerb (use code QID159 for USD5 off your first purchase!) As they’re pretty difficult to find here in the UK, even in the larger Health Foods shops (let alone Oxford).

As you can see, these puffs are small, ball-bearing-like things. Smaller than a thumbnail. That makes them perfect for little mouths (I.e. Kids), and perhaps good also for topping other sweet desserts.

They aren’t light and puffy, mind you. They pack quite a dense wallop, in two ways:

1) Nutritionally:  at 120kcal for a 3/4cup serving – putting it on par with the major sugary cereals. It’s not as if those calories come from protein like those in Kashi GoLean, or even All-Bran. These are NOT “healthy” cereal puffs in anyway, not like puffed rice or puffed wheats or puffed what-have-you.

2) Texturally: the crunch is phenomenal. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything stay so crunchy for so long in milk before. I can’t quite quantify the time here; but let’s just say that these cereals aren’t as porous as Honey Loops (reviewed previously) or Cheerios. These are similar to those baked  crisps (if you’ve had those before) that are all the rage nowadays.

I guess, on physical characteristics alone, this cereal was made for kids: mouth-size-perfect, and crunchy in milk for a long time-perfect for those fussy children (or us slow cereal eaters!) Who take a loong time to eat our lovely bowl of goodness.

Now – Flavour-wise. The ingredients list mentions that ORGANIC peanut butter is used. So I guess one could expect a proper peanut kick from this. I was rather disappointed though; the peanut kick wasn’t as intense as I’d hoped, nor was it as sweet. Usually, when peanut butter cereals lack in sweetness, they make up with some strong taste of roasted nuts. Not here though – the flavour was hard to detect, subtle, “light”; and wasn’t indulgent in the usual expected way.

People who find the other peanut butter cereals such as Cap’n Crunch PB or Peanut Butter Bumpers or even Barbara’s Puffin Puffs to be too sweet will love this cereal. It scores way above the competition for texture, staying crunchy through-and-through, and has a light taste to it. 

This cereal is a must-eat with milk – then you can appreciate its structural brilliance as it stands up against your teeth in all the creamy milky goodness.

A thumbs up!

-The Exercising Male


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