Mother’s – Peanut Butter Bumpers

Yet another Peanut Butter cereal review.

Note how I do not use the term “peanut-butter-flavoured” here, but I use “peanut-butter” alone. For this cereal is, like the previous Panda Puffs, flavoured with some REAL Peanut Butter which uses just peanuts and salt (as the Ingredients List tells me)

These are called Peanut Butter Bumpers, and are made by Mother’s in the United States. I have yet to find any stockists in the UK, so as usual I had to have these shipped in, via iHerb (use code QID159 for 5 bucks off your first order!).

The box art isn’t particularly kid-attractive: no cute-sey animals here, no nifty mascots to catch your eye. What is used, however, are baby fonts, and a depiction of the delicious cereal in milk, with some splashes here and there.

I have no idea why these are called “Bumpers“. I have 2 theories, to do with their physical characteristics:

1) Size. These are HUGE little buggers. A side-by-side comparison with the previously reviewed Panda Puffs shows you how much larger these are. They’ll still fit in a young child’s mouth – sure they will. Thing is, not as many will fit onto a spoon, and a mouthful will have significantly fewer cereal pieces to play with. (and they simply don’t look as cute as the small Panda Puffs)

2) Shell. Hard = Good for bumping???  You can’t quite tell from the photos, but these Bumpers have a semi-caramelized shell around it; as if it was some harder Peanut butter coating (imagine the harder, drier, external character of stale bread). These impart quite a crunch when you bite into them to yield the porous interior. They also seem to prevent sogginess, which will be discussed next.

On to the porous character of this cereal. My-oh-my these have huge pores within them. Look at the comparison photo with Panda Puffs (ok fine the photo’s grainy; but I did my best with what I have on me – a pathetic phone camera)

Notice how the pores are larger, bigger air bubbles which make this cereal like a large sponge, less dense than milk (hence floating to the top in your bowl of cereal) some may like that, some may not. (Note that in this picture, the cereal was not floating by virtue of the other ones pushing it up)

I don’t think these air bubbles contribute to the flavour in any way, and only bear a textural significance, making the cereal almost like a puff, albeit with a crunch that is imparted by the shell, mentioned above.

They’re big on taste too. These are DEEP. Punchy peanut butter. These are ADULT peanut butter balls, and are not subtle like Panda Puffs. They are sweet, yet with that depth of flavour akin to comparing peanut butter made from freshly ground peanuts, and the likes of Skippy’s or other sugar-laden nut butters.

If Panda Puffs are Milk Chocolate (albeit high quality ones), then Peanut Butter Bumpers are the Dark Chocolates of the Peanut Butter Cereals. (Not single-origin dark; naa the flavours aren’t THAT deep, if you get my drift.

If only I had some Cap’n Crunch to do a side by side test with, I’d be able to paint a clearer depiction of the depth of flavour in this cereal. For Cap’ Crunch Peanut Butter seems to be the most common iteration of that sort of cereal. Ah well. Therefore, for lack of suitable cereal comparison, I had to resort to comparing with Skippy. I hope you understand.

One final quaff – discolouration. In the picture below, see how the cereal LOSES colour after 5 minutes in milk. It’s quite a distinct difference from the piece next to it, which was fresh frfom the box. An odd thing is that the milk wasn’t coloured in that way though (in the same way that coco krispies colour milk to give you chocolate cereal milk).

What a great, way to end this post – Peanut Butter Bumpers do NOT yield peanut butter cereal milk. They just… Lose their colour after a soaking.

I liked Peanut Butter Bumpers for its hard shell, and deep flavour, but didn’t like its size and (minor point) discolouration.

-The Exercising Male


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