Dairy-free Alternatives – Kara Dairy Free Coconut

We shall embark on a “milk series”, which will detail dairy alternatives, discussing their nutritional value, taste, and compatibility with cereals.

Today we start with Kara Dairy Free Coconut drink. It’s sold for 1 to 1.39 GBP, depending on where you buy it from, and may be found in the ambient dairy-free section, or in the coolers along with the rest of the “odd dairy products / dairy-free milks” – i.e. Jersey Milk, Lactofree, Soy, etc.

I’ve read lots of reviews of Kara’s, particularly bloggers who are lactose-intolerant, or who generally believe in eating / drinking on the healthy side.

I have to say though, I am perfectly capable of handling lactose in my system, in fact, my habit of a litre of milk a day with my cereal has been carried out with both dairy and non-dairy milks – and in all honesty, I have noticed no change, whatsoever, in my state of physical well-being. Financially, however, that might be questioned, as dairy-free products tend to cost 30% more than dairy products.

On to the milk. It is difficult to illustrate the colour of it here. Afterall, a phone camera can only get you so far. It might be of relevance though, if I put up a picture of some of the milk with cereal in it, serving what function? I do not know. Eye candy, perhaps.

The milk is runny. Runny in the skimmed milk way, runny in the “Value” range soy milk way. Imagine a flat white coffee made with normal milk (not cream) and you should get the appropriate runniness of Kara’s.

I think the runny character of the milk will only really affect those who drink this milk STRAIGHT UP, without any complementing cereal, or without mixing it in a smoothie

Taste-wise. I was disappointed. Not as coconutty as hoped. Not like coconut cream from the same brand, or like the coconut curries I’m used to back home in Singapore. It was FRESH though, it didn’t have any sour tang to it, it wasn’t off-putting; it was MILD, perhaps good for those who really do like a “light” coconut kick.

Redeeming though, are the nutritionals. 27kcal / 100ml is respectable. You don’t even get one gram of protein here – but that’s similar to Hazelnut, or Almond milk. (Just eat some Beans or meat to make up for it later, or some High fibre cereal with it)


You also get all the benefits of the fats in coconut milk, an added benefit of taking this in your daily bowl.

An aside – I’d only recently gfound out from Kara’s website that Kara’s was started in Singapore! So I’ve technically grown up with this stuff in curries, etc., as they are the leading brand of coconut cream sellers back home!

Stupid, but meaningful reasons to be proud of my little sunny Singapore, even when I’m far from it here in Oxford.

-The Exercising Male

(I paid for this carton of milk on my own. )


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