Cascadian Farm Clifford Crunch

Kids’ Cereal! This box SCREAMs that.

1) Picture of cute-sy dog on front?


2) Stuff about wholegrains and health benefits and fortified ingredients to attracts concerned parents?


Alright. So this IS targeted at kids.

As usual – Cascadian Farms isn’t available in the UK. I got Clifford Crunch off of iHerb (quote QID159 for 5 bucks off!), and thought I’d review it since there weren’t any non-sponsored reviews which I could find.

The obligatory size shot. These are small little bitty things. Clearly meant to fit the mouths of little tykes, clearly meant to be cute-sy in their own way. What amazed me was the shapes – you’ve got triangles, arrow-looking things, circles: honestly? They look like baby or dog biscuits.  4 to a thumbnail shows how truly small these things are. (Excuse the slight purple seen on my fingers – blueberry juice is so very tough to wash off!)

How did they make such small pieces with shapes that even have precise cut-outs in them? Yet another Cereal Manufacturing Marvel!

(akin to those cereals with dual-layered textures to retain inner crunchiness – YES do refer to previous posts for those.)


They have this waxy, malted sheen to them – as if they were polished prior to their placement into the bag.


Still on texture – the covering leaves some smooth slippery feel to this – as if you’ve got some tapioca pearls (known as sago in Asia) slipping around your mouth. Of course, this only lasts momentarily, before you hit the porous innards.

It’s the covering that’s so different: I don’t know of any cereal that retains its coating without it dissolving into a sugary mix, when plopped in milk. How is that? Body heat from our mouths? We’ll never know, but this waxy sheen serves as a visual spectacle, AND a pleasant “mouth-smooth” device as well. Complex, eh?


Taste? One-dimensional. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course. A honey-malty sweetness prevails from start to finish, although its intensity is strongest at the start (presumably from the waxy sugar sheen). This sweetness has a natural tinge to it – and doesn’t taste artificial as if from Aspartame (which has a… “Tang” at the end of the lick).


You know what? This reminds me of refined Cheerios.

1 cup = 110kcal. Not bad eh? Not much protein (2g per serving) but that puts it on par with the majority of cereals, and in fact, even into the “healthier” territory that Cheerios dominates for its “1 cup 100 kcal” characteristic.


We don’t have a complicated creature here. It’s fairly complex texture-wise, in the waxy sheen, but its taste is simple, satisfying, and wholesome. A wonderful cereal, on its own (if you’ve got a mild sweet tooth), or as a base for another sweeter one.


-The Exercising Male

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