Back to Nature – Chocolate Delight Granola

Another wondrous chocolate cereal.

We’re going to be focusing on the spectrum of chocolate-themed breakfast products for a bit. So searching “Best Chocolate Breakfast Cereal” on Bing or Google should, we hope – bring you here.

Back To Nature’s Chocolate Delight Granola is “thick”, rich, weighty. If cornflakes were the feather weight of flakes, and thicker Special K was a Heavy weight Flake, then Back to Nature’s offering clearly falls in the higher weight classes of the granola family.

Once again, I realised there weren’t many non-sponsored reviews online, so I thought it would be apt to review this one, despite it being available only in the US of A. I bought this through iHerb, which offers cheap shipping to the UK, and a 5 dollar discount (use code QID159) for your first purchase.
You may now be wondering what makes this granola a heavy-weight. Look at the chunks. Huge. Unbroken. Powerful. When describing them, you wouldn’t say that they “soak” in milk – NO – I’d say that they DUNK in milk. Get my drift?

Some chunks are larger than my thumb. Granted there are some smaller ones, bu you should be able to see below that there aren’t that many (or if you can’t see that, then you’ll have to take my word for it)

Notice the chocolate pieces. That’s a strength of this cereal. Chopped up chunks, regular shaped, and numerous throughout. They add a heavy, denser bite / crisp crack to this cereal, and they retain their flavour (unless you heat up your cereal bowl) in cold milk, since they stay in their solid-state.

The granola stays crunchy in milk. Now you might think that this is so, owing to its heft – which seems to be a way in which cereal manufacturers obtain that characteristic by hiding a “core” which stays crunchy, behind layers of “fodder”. Not so with this one. Somehow or another, the outer coating remains bite-y, not CRUNCHY with a loud “!“, but it still has that ubiquitous biscuit crack to it. How is this achieved? I have no idea. It’s this crunch in milk, with the depth of some REAL chocolate, that ups the texture quotient for this cereal.

Alright. On to taste.

I was surprised to find that the same sweetness from Cascadian Farm’s granola didn’t hit me. That’s right – it wasn’t a cane sugar sweetness here.

Sweetness was held back, kept within bounds possibly of the chocolate pieces. I soon realised: “By George. This one tastes homemade, alright.”

I don’t know how to describe this, but I shall do so by comparing it to the Cascadian Farm granola. The sweetness differenctiated itself like how your Mother’s blueberry muffins are different “sweet” from a Tesco muffin. It was as if no artificial sweeteners were used, let alone considered. It wasn’t a malt-sweetness akin to Honey Stars or Clifford Crunch either.

This was sweetness with an ‘S’, that was melded together with the chocolate component. I can’t say what it is, so I’ll take the exclusionary route:

1) Not aspartame – high tang sweetness
2) Not malty – honey-like, Clifford Crunch, etc.
3) Not straight out white sugar – Frosties, etc.

Maybe the sweetness is similar to Cheerios, though I don’t think many would say Cheerios is sweet.

Whatever the case: get this one. My bar for chocolate granola was raised by Cascadian Farm, now raised again by Back to Nature – crunchy and with REAL chocolate rectangles that were backed up by a… “Motherly” sweetness.

Next we’ll have to see the British varieties, and how they stack up!

-The Exercising Male


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