Fuel Chocolate Chunks Granola

In a society where a large majority of people seem to live off energy drinks to get through the day I’m surprised it’s taken so long for a specific “energy” breakfast cereal to be launched in major supermarkets; many people need a cup of coffee and a bowl of something tasty to kick start their day so why not combine the two and create a stimulation cereal, apparently meant to “fuel our 10k hours”, the amount of hours of work that need to be put in to become an elite in our chosen field. I do remember reading about Fuel quite some time ago but recently they have had a packaging overhaul complete with a more intense serious edge, complete with an intense looking eye on the front, focused and alert…hopefully how we are meant to feel after munching our way through a bowl full of this!

Fuel Chocolate Chunk Granola

Fuel comes in 3 different varieties : fruit, nut & chocolate…naturally I went for the chocolate one first and decided that I would try it for  breakfast before an extremely intense spinning class to see if it energised me through that, and throughout the day. Enriched with added Guarana and B vitamins,  there is an assortment of chocolate and crunchy caramel granola clusters, big huge chunks of 70% dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds lurking inside the packet.

Fuel Chocolate Chunk Granola

I am glad to say that this is not a flimsy meek and mild granola..this is the proper stuff, huge..and I mean huge oaty clusters! Something that you can really get your teeth into and it doesn’t feel like you are eating a bowl of dust! To complete this the 70% dark chocolate chunks are equally as big, these are not little flimsy “chocolate chips”, and there is a huge amount of them distributed throughout the packet..don’t fear you don’t have to go hunting/shaking the packet to make sure you get a chocolate chunk in each bowl. You get at least 10!

Fuel Chocolate Chunk Granola

The only problem with the chunks being so big is that this cereal is pretty heavy, so although it may look like you barely have anything in your bowl you’ve actually weighed yourself a 100g serving of this cereal, and when it packs a higher calorie punch, as this cereal does, around 460kcal per 100g, if you’re watching your waistline you may want to be careful how much you serve. However with me feeling that I needed to be energised for my morning spin this wasn’t a problem…and now to the real question..yes, yes, this tastes like a really good granola..but its meant to be an ENERGY granola. Did it do its job?

Fuel Chocolate Chunk Granola

To be honest yes, I felt energised, alert and alive throughout all of my spinning class and it kept me going til at least 2pm, normally after a spinning class I’m starving by about 12 o clock, and the best thing, I felt satisfied that I’d had such a tasty amazing breakfast! Its big, chunky, satisfying, chocolate loaded and the best part..the milk turns amazingly chocolatey! What with not only the chocolate granola clusters, but also the addition of the huge chocolate chunks you are left with such a delightful treat once you’ve finished your bowl of cereal.

At £3.69 a box it’s priced alongside other granola cereals but I picked mine up on special for £2..which is amazing value..and considering you’d pay around £1.30 for 1 can of energy drink its so much better value as not only does it give you your energy hit but it tastes amazingg!


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