Alpro Almond Milk

And now to continue with our growing milk series of reviews of milk that did not come from a cow! Today I bring to you my staple milk; my go to, what I always have at the back of my fridge waiting to be poured over my morning offering : Alpro Almond Milk. I’ve tried a few almond milks in my time but I have to say that this one is the best one I’ve tried so far; released only quite recently with its counterpart Alpro Hazelnut Drink, this almond milk is made with a mixture of water, almonds, a bit of sugar to sweeten and various other vitamins/stabilisers etc.

Alpro Almond Milk

The thing I love most about this Almond Milk is that it tastes so creamy; my usual skimmed milk and various other almond milks I’ve tried always seem to be really watery, and don’t provide that wonderful cereal milk finish to my breakfast bowl.

This however is more than satisfactory; with a light taste of sweet nutty almonds this milk is the perfect addition to any bowl of cereal; however I must point out that it is exceptionally good for you if are planning to soak oats/muesli over night, unlike skimmed milk this provides an overall much creamier finish so that when you come to get your bowl of oats out of the fridge the next morning you certainly won’t be disappointed at how luxurious it tastes.

Alpro Almond Milk

The best thing is that despite how creamy this tastes it is actually lower in calories and sugar than your regular milk; albeit the sugar isn’t from lactose but from pure added sugar, but still at 24kcal per 100ml this certainly isn’t something to turn your nose up to and is perfect for either someone watching their calories or someone who is lactose intolerant.

Whilst I am not one normally to just reach for the fridge to pour myself a glass of milk I must say that I would be much more likely to with this Alpro Almond Milk, as not only is it creamy, sweet and deliciously nutty but it’s also really good for you; packed full of vitamins and delightful almond goodness!


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