Nestle Honey Nut Shredded Wheat

Ah-ha! Shredded wheat. The healthy staple – according to several health publications & websites. Why? 158kcal / serving (40g) with 5 grams of protein. Not too bad eh; (maybe it should be expected, since it’s “nothing but wheat” – well, that’s beside the point).
Not to mention how the varieties of this cereal across the major producers share roughly the same nutritionals: Post, Kellogg’s, General Mills (via Fiber One in the USA) and Nestle have their versions: Shredded Wheat, Mini-wheats, and Bite-Size, etc.

How does the version by Nestle, in UK, stand?

These aren’t the large ones by the way. Those are Shredded Wheats, each one the size of your hand, where the recommended serving is 2 for breakfast. The Honey Nut Shredded Wheats today are small, not “mini” like Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats, but about the size of a Gorilla’s thumbnail. (Or so I think, since it is substantially larger than mine, as seen below)

I should get into something I have termed the “wheat size” debacle. What is up with “bite-size”, “mini”, and regular shredded wheat. Kellogg’s in the USA actually distinguishes between these three, which I find incredibly odd. The main reasons I see for this are:

1) More Minis can fit a spoon
2) The Regular can effectively become a huge pillow of soaked-in-milk-goodness
3) The Bite-size are, truly, one per bite, and less more-ish, but more savoury.
4) Some like their cereal crushed. Minis solve that problem.

I’m not sure about whether others feel the same way, but those are my thoughts.

Back to Post’s Honey Nut Shredded Wheat:

Dry. They look like dried animal skins, tied into bundles. They are so dry, that eating them plain will indeed “shred” the insides of your mouth (as many have noted with Cap’n Crunch). I believe this one’s more potent though: it resembles twigs that are actually sharp on their ends.

Kid-friendly, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat is not. Note that you probably won’t have this problem with the large sized wheat biscuits, as those clearly can’t be eaten whole, in one bite.

In milk though, we get a different creature, at different times:

1-minute in: crisp internals, soggy external, but with the “honey nut” sugar crust still intact

5-minutes in: soggy mini pillow. Sugar crust intact, but otherwise soggy.

You’d expect a bad review here – in terms of texture. But hey: it IS enjoyable, 5 minutes in, to bite through that honey-sweet crust, into that puffy wheat biscuit. The soggy characteristic is a strength, and not a weakness, in this cereal. Coupled with the sugar crust, you get something akin to “single-layered cream biscuit”, except in inversed-proportions: here the biscuit is the sugar crust, and the wheat, the cream.

You may say this is absolutely nuts. Well, that’s what I think, and if you feel the same way after reading this – yippee-kai-yeh, we’ve found kindred spirits in each other.

Note though; without the sugar crust (I.e. Plain shredded wheat), I doubt you’d get the same experience. What’d be left would be one, soggy, mess.

Taste, however: plain. Drab. Nothing, cardboard (except for the sugar crust)

The wheat itself is so plain that it needs no description. Honestly. Maybe that’s why Plain Shredded Wheat is a “healthy cereal” then, owing to the restraint in added sugar.

Thank God for the sugar crust. If not for that, you’d have a tasteless cereal. It’s a simple amalgam of glazed sugar and nuts (hence: “honey nut”). The sweetness doesn’t quite resemble pure honey though; more like a malt sugar akin to Honey Stars and other cheaper self-professed “Honey” cereals.

Sugar crust on top, non-sugar crust on the bottom

Taste-wise: drab, saved by additional element.
Texture-wise: drab, saved by additional element.

I say again – If not for the sugar-crust, this would be a waste of calories.

However, the “Honey Nut” here adds a level of crisp-crunchiness, and the light taste of malt-sugar.

That, combined with the nutritionals and price, makes this cereal worth your while.

-The Exercising Male


7 thoughts on “Nestle Honey Nut Shredded Wheat

  1. Just wondering if you have ever come across a cereal shaped like a Shredded Wheat, but the centre is a solid piece of 70% dark chocolate? It may or may not have been the Wheatabix brand, I can’t recall the brand. I used to eat them the year that I lived in France, and hoped they would make it to Canada some day….but alas it has been 7 years and I haven’t seen them since…

    • Hey there! Yes there are several types: it could’ve been Kelloggs Mini-Max, Kelloggs Krave, or several other house brands of squares w/ chocolate filling.

      However, these are fairly new in the cereal aisle; definitely not 7 years old!

      In France they’ve got Kellogg’s Tresor. Could that have been it?

      It certainly isn’t a piece of dark chocolate though!

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