Kelloggs Country Store

Kellogg’s Country Store seems to be one of those cereal that isn’t all that widely available; I’d heard about it yes, but never had really seen it around any supermarkets before until my local Sainsbury’s greatly expanded and started stocking far more yummy cereal products. Yippee! Obviously anything new, that hasn’t been tried before simply has to be bought for..ahem..research purposes..especially when it is a product of the muesli variety.

Kelloggs Country Store

Us Brits are weird..we’re one of the only countries in the world that actually eats our muesli, generally, dry, without soaking it in anything; I remember one year when I was holidaying to Madeira marvelling at how delicious their soaked muesli was with huge juicy raisins and a creaminess akin to nothing I’d tried before. Anyway enough of my ramblings, quite simply put this is a muesli made up of : oats and little cornflakes with sultanas, hazelnuts, dried apple pieces, honey and a sprinkling of brown sugar.

Kelloggs Country Store

When you peek into the packaging some of this muesli appears to be just dust..but oh wow how this dust tastes good..quite simply put like a sweet oaty brown sugar that you just want to shovel down your throat. This is a cereal that may not even make it into the bowl as it is so good to eat dry; so sweet and moreish..which I must say many mueslis are not.

However this is where the weird part comes..Country Store is good dry, yes, but is it good just poured into a bowl and topped with milk. Hell no! The mini cornflakes lose their crunch, the dust just becomes mush and all the cereal just seems to loose its sweet honey sugar oat flavour; fair enough the hazelnuts add a nice crunch here and there but ultimately its drab.

Kelloggs Country Store


Do not fear though..Country Store can be saved. Simply soak it overnight! I don’t care what you soak it in but soak it!..Ok maybe milk may be a good idea haha! I soaked mine in almond milk overnight and then topped it with a bit extra milk come morning time. I cannot express how good it makes the cereal; once the oats etc have been allowed to absorb the creamy milk overnight everything just becomes ideal; the flavour stays and just becomes a refreshing sweet bowl of brown sugar muesli heaven; the sultanas are rich, juicy and succulent, the apple pieces are moist and refreshing and although the hazelnuts lose a little bit of their crunch it doesn’t matter because ultimately the taste is just so much better.


Kelloggs Country Store


If you want a breakfast cereal that is relatively healthy but still feels so indulgent you’ve just gotta grab yourself some of this if you can find it..just make sure to do it the continental way and soak it overnight!


3 thoughts on “Kelloggs Country Store

  1. I picked this up once in Fenwicks. It sure is really tasty! Its not often I look forward to the bottom of a cereal box, but the remaining crumbs of this one are pure sugary goodness, sweet magic dust, mmmm.

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