Weetabix Chocolate

Ok, so two of my favourite foods : chocolate and cereal, yet it seems to be that so many cereal manufacturers often miss the mark when combining the two, I don’t feel that there are actually many particularly good chocolate cereals lurking out there, chocolate chunks with granola, yeh great, but when actually making the cereal chocolate flavour there’s a fine line between good and utter disappointment.

I love regular Weetabix..I love chocolate, I actually really like their regular Minibix with chocolate chips, so what could really go wrong by making the actual “biscuit” chocolate flavour, well unfortunately a lot I think. I guess this cereal is probably aimed at children, the smiling wheat crop on the front peering over the top of the two big chocolate Weetabixes ready to gobble them all up, and  with half the amount of sugar compared to other chocolate cereals on the market, this is meant to be a cereal that children will want and that adults won’t mind buying, due to the “healthier” nature of it. I mean at 346kcal, 15.9g sugar and 10.5g fibre per 100g, it’s actually got some pretty good nutritionals for a chocolate based cereal..if only it tasted as nice.

Weetabix Chocolate

My go to way to eat Weetabix, always warm, always made into a thick substantial paste, so that’s exactly what I did. As the ding of the microwave sounded a very strong sort of malty cocoa flavour wafted around the room from the cooked breakfast substance, dipping my spoon into it I have to say that it is no where near as satisfying as regular Weetabix, the cocoa flavour and the melted dark chocolate chips seem to create an odd contrast to the classic malted Weetabix flavour, it all just tastes a bit odd..not particularly chocolatey but not as malted and warming as regular Weetabix.

Weetabix Chocolate

So I tried it another few ways, I tried it warm, but this time, not mushing it up, so the chocolate chips were slightly melted, but stayed intact, this is even worse..you sort of end up with a pile of mushy cocoa flavour wheat mess, and the milk, although turning slightly chocolate coloured/flavour, doesn’t have a particularly delicious flavour to it. Certainly not that sweet delicious chocolate cereal milk that kids may be used to from the likes of Coco Pops etc.

Weetabix Chocolate

I know, I know, a lot of you eat your Weetabix cold, so what is it like that? Again, not great, not really sweet, not really savoury, it tastes of well..a bland cocoa cereal concoction really, certainly not something a child would particularly want for breakfast..you’re probably better buying them the regular Weetabix..which is not only healthier..but also tastes a hell of a lot better, as they’re certainly not gonna get their chocolate hit from this!

I find that the only way that this Weetabix Chocolate could be salvaged was to actually mix it with 1 regular Weetabix : 2 chocolate, 1 regular, a couple of sweeteners, some milk, pop it in the microwave. Hey presto..its edible! With the addition of the extra regular Weetabix it enhances the savoury malt aspect with just a slight twang of deeper chocolate flavours, making it..slightly more edible and enjoyable than it is on its own..but when you’ve gotta add extras to your cereal to make it good..well then the base product can’t be all that can it!


One thought on “Weetabix Chocolate

  1. I love weetabix chocolate flavour. I can understand it’s not for everyone – but the lack of ”in your face” sugary chocolate flavour is what’s perfect about it. It’s a subtle cocoa taste you have to embrace!

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