Asda Apple Crumble & Custard Crunch

I often comment on how the UK cereal market isn’t particularly innovative; especially when it comes to granola varieties, they all seem to be the same..fruit & nut, occasionally with the odd chocolate chunk thrown in there. Certainly nothing like the varieties that are available in the States, for example, the delicious Nature’s Path Carrot Cake granola that I managed to get my hands on whilst traveling.


Thankfully it seems that Walmart owned Asda has had some American influence in their cereal department and do a range of granolas..or “crunches” that deviate away from the norm. There are a selection of flavours offered but I simply had to pick up this Apple Crumble & Custard crunch first; with “crispy oat & rice clusters flavoured with cinnamon and blended with apple pieces, white chocolate, custard pieces & shortbread” this sounded delicious, and, on consulting the back of packaging I found that this also contained a small amount pecan nuts dispersed throughout the packet..could this be any better!

I have to take my hat off to Asda in terms of their innovation here, I’m so pleased there is actually something different gracing the granola section of the cereal aisle, and, on consulting the nutritionals, despite how unhealthy this actually isn’t! At only 412 kcal per 100g and 20.1g sugar, it is surprisingly a better choice than lots of other granola that you may deem to be healthier.

Asda Apple Crumble & Custard Crunch

The texture is slightly different to normal, it isn’t as hard or as chewy as other granola offerings I’ve tried, and I can see why Asda have given it the name “crunch” as it is more akin to Jordan’s “crunch” varieties of cereal, rather than that of a classic chewy crispy granola; nevertheless it still hits the spot as a good crunchy cluster cereal.

Pouring myself a good bowlful of the stuff I was initially pleased with the good amount of custard pieces, shortbread pieces, apple pieces and pecan nuts..but despite getting through the whole packet of this I never once found a white chocolate chunk! Whether this is just down to the fact that they are easily mistaken for shortbread pieces/custard pieces I’m not too sure as I did some pretty good digging throughout the pack and can be fairly certain that there weren’t many in there!

Nevertheless the flavour is still pretty good..and I guess in a really Apple Crumble & Custard you wouldn’t find white chocolate anyway; there is a lovely background cinnamon flavour that blends well with the delicious fruity apple and strong bourbon vanilla flavour and the freeze dried custard pieces add a delightfully sweet comforting addition; and really who can complain about finding a big good chunky pecan nut in their cereal, with the odd nut here and there providing a welcome nutty edge to your morning bowl of cereal.
Asda Apple Crumble & Custard Crunch

In terms of how this cereal got on with its milky counterpart, it didn’t stay as crunchy or as crisp as you may find some granola does but when comparing it to a “crunch” style granola, it was completely on par; it stayed crunchy for a reasonable amount of time, as did the shortbread pieces, but instead of going chewy/soft as it began to break down in the milk it slightly softened in the middle with a slight exterior crunch.

The best part of this though? That even when your cereal is all gone and you’re just left with the milky remains it tastes amazing..the cereal milk is sweet, cinnamon indulgence with a slight hint of apple and vanilla, so good that you just wish you had a big pint full of the stuff! And at only £1 for a 500g bag this has to be bargain of the century! Kudos Asda!


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