Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon doesn’t seem to be as big a thing here as it is in the States, we rarely get specific cinnamon based cereals; sure there’s the odd one here and there but no where near as many, we don’t have the joys of cinnamon Cheerios, or Apple Jacks with their apple and cinnamon flavours and there’s certainly no Cinnamon Toast Crunch lurking in the aisles but thanks to the guys at American Soda you are able to get your hands on some to delve into what these little toast babies are really like!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Obviously aimed at kids, what with the big smiling baker man on the front..although to be honest it looks like someone may have spiked his Cinnamon Toast crunch; he has this sort of manic expression as he holds of tray of Cinnamon Toast..just what could he be thinking?! Well it’s obvious that his plan is going to be to trick parents into buying this out the healthy image that it’s made with “wholegrain”. Ok yes, it’s made with wholegrain but I guess that doesn’t make up for the fact that this is loaded with sugar, around 30-35g per 100g, putting it way up there with the sweetest of cereals.

However manic baker man really knows what he’s cooking up is gooood! As despite the bad nutritionals, this is obviously meant to be a treat cereal, and boy oh boy is it good! After being deprived of any really good cinnamon cereals in the UK this comes as a blessing, I can see what they mean when they say a “real cinnamon & sugar” in every bite. This cereal is extremely sweet but combined with the cinnamon provides a wonderful warming experience; almost like biting into a sweet sugary cinnamon bun!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Looking for a sugar rush? Look no further, you can actually feel the sweetness of the sugar running around in your mouth…and what do we normally get with sweet cereals? Awesome cereal milk! The stuff at the bottom of this bowl is nearly even better than the cereal itself; sweet, milky and full of a good strong cinnamon flavour I could just drink a pint of this stuff.

And does it live up to its name? Is it crunchy..does it deserve that “Crunch” title? Yes sure on first bite this cereal sure is crunchy; it has that distinctive snap to it that is just ideal, and this cereal would be certainly delicious to eat dry. However due to it’s relatively flimsy structure it doesn’t hold up all that great in milk and within a few minutes Cinnamon Toast Crunch turns to Cinnamon Toast Sog, which is slightly disappointing if you really want to savour this cereal as the flavour is gorgeous.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

If you want to get your hands on Cinnamon Toast Crunch make sure to check out Amercican Soda.


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  1. I am a type one diabetic due to being genetically predisposed since birth that before my 18th birthday my white blood cells would attack the only part of my body I loved and cherished due to its function and had no idea existed, the part of my body that made insulin, my endocrine glands. Anyways due to my size and high muscle percentage the glucose tabs don’t quite cut and I have to eat a massive amount of them, they are like jumbo smarties and without a huge bottle of water to shoot down your neck they choke you on powder. So now I prefer to have a snack if I have a low. And when I need something that will raise my blood sugar fast and want a snack this stuff works amazing plus it’s delicious, like really really awesome and I had sometimes when I was a kid. Lucky Charms works awesome too. The only thing about Cinnamon Toast Crunch that makes me want to gag is if you look at the brown muck of sugar and cinnamon left at the bottom of the bowl when you are finished, it’s a lot and it’s thick. I feel pity for people who scrape the bottom or knowingly eat when they are done, I saw one day when I decided to drink the milk of a small bowl. It was gross, it shows how much excess sugar is in these things. Wow.

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