Honey Monster Choco Puffs

What is that puffy creature that seems to look like the Sun doing on the front of a box of cereal? Honey Puffs are the UK version of Sugar Smacks, and are, quite simply, sugar-coated wheat puffs.

They’re a bargain here in the UK, where you can get a 400g box for a pound. This means that the Honey Puffs don’t just attract kids, but attract the budget-cereal eater too, for the price point is only slightly higher than the House Brand versions. (In fact I haven’t come across any house brand versions yet)

These are the simplest cereals imaginable: little puffs, hard, crisp with the sugar coating.

As you can see, the puffs are (by my standards and expectations, anyway) fairly large. The size of small pebbles, such that 6 – 8 fit on the average spoon at any one time.

This size also makes them more-ish, if eaten dry and with your fingers ( I found myself quite enjoying this method of eating with Choco Puffs; slow, yet satisfying)

Two characteristics to note:
1) External Crunch
2) Slight, “thin” internal Puff.

The crunch is provided by the cocoa-sugar crust, which was surprisingly well-done, as it was a thin, delicate shell that requires minimal biting to break. I’m particularly impressed here, as with this shell, the Choco Puffs stayed crunchy for a long time – even down to the last quarter of my bowl. A possible comparison could be a Crispy M&M, just dialing down the sugar shell a notch. Not bad for a “budget” cereal, eh?

Now, as for taste, you get what you pay for. As how I usually describe chocolate cereals which don’t appease the chocoholic in me;

“these reminded me of CocoPops / Cocoa Crispies”

It’s a lightly textured cocoa hit , almost like a cocoa-dusting (maybe that’s why the sugar-coating is so delicate). It’s not a “deep” cocoa flavour though; it nips you on your periphery senses, juuuuuuust enough to qualify as a chocolate cereal, given its namesake “Choco Puffs”.

A comparison may help: I found this cereal similar to Chocolate Lucky Charms in its chocolate-y-ness, and if you recall, I had thought this light chocolate hit to work against its favour(https://milkandspoon.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/chocolate-lucky-charms-general-mills/). However, as a fellow blogger commented: some do enjoy this light cocoa taste; having REAL chocolate in your cereal can be achieved by buying chocolate granola, or making your own chocolate muesli – which is clearly not the point when you shop at the cereal aisle in a supermarket.

Nutritionals: 114kcal / 30g (approximately a one cup serving, assuming its the same weight as Sugar Smacks. Here in the UK serving sizes are in weight). A high amount of sugar, like your usual chocolate cereal, yet less calorific owing to the “high-volume= low density” character of puffed grain.

I liked this. I’m flying home to Asia for the Summer, and have half a box to finish by tomorrow. I don’t think that will be a problem.

Stay tuned for some “odd”, off-the-beaten path cereal soon!

(Hopefully: depending on what I get back home)

-The Exercising Male


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