365 Berry Flax Protein & Fibre Crunch

Ah the joys of American cereal; not only are there the delicious almost “candy” like cereal concoctions but there is also an array of healthy cereal; boasting large amounts of protein, fibre or “fiber” and yet still delivering an amazingly good flavour. I sort of turn into a bit of a shark in a feeding frenzy when I enter a foreign supermarket stocked with all these different products; I never really know where to start, which ones to pick up,  which  ones will be worthwhile in my great cereal conquest.

When I visited Wholefoods in New York I decided to pick up their own brand Berry Flax Protein & Fibre Crunch; looking at the ingredients and the description on the back of the package it sounded like it may be similar to Kashi Go Lean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble..one of my favourite cereals mmm..darn you UK market for not selling it! Complete with soy protein, oats, grains, berries & flax seed it sounded nutritiously wonderful and I couldn’t wait to tuck into some.

365 Protein & Fibre Berry Crunch

Pouring it out into a bowl it certainly reminded me of Kashi, the same light yet crispy crunchy texture and the wonderful aroma of light berries wafted out of the box, but it also had the addition of numerous flax seeds dotted around here and there..healthy fats in our cereal for so many of us that like to sprinkle them on anyway!

365 Protein & Fibre Berry Crunch

Wow, I could just eat bowl after bowl full of this stuff; I would say it was on par with Kashi; the only slight difference, obviously other than the flax seeds was that the clusters were slightly smaller than what I have experienced in the past with the Go Lean Crisp brand; although this could have just been down to the fact that they may have got slightly “smushed” on their way back to the UK. Having said this, it did not really pose any problems whatsoever, it was just as tasty, simply just an observation.

365 Protein & Fibre Berry Crunch

The wonderful thing I love about cereals like this is that although they soften in milk they don’t go soggy there always seems to be an underlying crunch to them no matter how long they are submerged in milky goodness, and the flavour they leave behind in it..well its absolutely delicious; sweet, berry like cereal goodness. Perfect in milk or perfect to eat just out of the box in all its wonderful crunch glory I just couldn’t get enough of this cereal; if only it hadn’t gone so quickly as I doubt I’ll be getting my hands on any soon!


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