Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Clusters Milk Chocolate Curls Review

I’m not sure how to classify this one –
a) a typical breakfast cereal? a la breakfast flakes, weetabix, etc.
b) A granola / muesli / toasted grain variant?

Kellogg’s has thrown this dilemma my way, by introducing Crunchy Nut Clusters. Crunchy Nut is your “typical” breakfast flake, with honey-oated flakes, and nuts embedded on them. When you introduce the “clusters” aspect, however, you then get something akin to granola. This granola component is exemplified even further by the addition of rice cripspies to each cluster, and the fact that we have some VERY sizeable chunks, as we shall see below.

Just how sizeable are the chunks? Look at the picture. Varying in sizes, some are HUGE, some are medium, and some are downright minuscule, evidently the “cereal dust” remnants of the clusters. The progression of sizes below may be viewed as inconsistency, on the part of the manufacturers. However, i like to see it as some.. healthy variation.

Healthy variation? You’ve gotta be kidding me, you might think. But think about it; the cereal dust: it forms this… sludge with your milk that’s akin to a sweet porridge. So in the other, texturally, you get porridge-y cereal at the bottom, and crunchy clusters on top.

How cool is that? I think i can confidently say that Kellogg’s hadn’t intended this. But hey? Who knew that “budget manufacturing” could add an additional level of depth to this breakfast?

Crispy, crunchy, etc. No surprises eh?? I was reminded very much of Special K Granola (texture-wise though, taste, you’ll see later). It was actually light, despite “Cluster” bringing Hefty Pieces to mind; and refreshingly crunchy. So crunchy that it was almost like popping candy, as you bit through each chunk. The rice crisps and the flakes were totally discernible. The milk chocolate curls were soft, and melted nicely like a typical Cadbury chocolate would. Mind you these chocolate curls are not some pathetic “mockolate”. Chocolate shavings from a proper chocolate bar! Not that crumbly stuff you get in cheap muesli, not that thin, brittle compound you get in protein bars.

I loved the texture in this cereal. Authentic, to its namesake, and light enough that you don’t feel ENGORGED after eating it, like how one sometimes feels after eating half a bowl of luxury / gourmet granolas.

So there we have it; we have something which has the mouthfeel of Special K granola – light, excellently crispy, but with the creaminess of chocolate added. Does it taste like Special K granola though? Because if it does, then i think many wouldn’t like it.

I am so glad to say that this cereal TASTES like a luxury granola. It is sweet, with the familiar Crunchy Nut honey taste, (which, by the way, is quite a legitimate one). The Rice Crispies were slightly disappointing, and DID taste of Special K granola, with its artificial, plasticky tang that reminds one of apricot.
What i thought was the most amazing taste was the chocolate. As noted above, it was creamy – REAL chocolate shavings – it TASTES like shavings of chocolate too. Imagine having little bits of heaven in every bite of cereal. Bits of heaven which melt AND deliver that sweet-milk-dairy-cocoa that is your typical supermarket milk chocolate. Hey; i’m glad that we’re getting shavings of chocolate here – something even the luxury granolas sometimes fail to deliver.

I’m amazed. I would say this is the best tasting Kellogg’s cereal i’ve had in the past year, sold at the average supermarket cereal price (2 pounds for a 500g box)

One area where there’s a little “tension” is the fact that it’s 460kcal/100g here, so it’s over the usual “400kcal” threshold. It’s calorie-heavy, this one. I guess those ‘milk chocolate curls’ come at a cost then. A pity the UK serving sizes on the nutrition labels don’t tell you the kcal / cup like in the US; but i’d estimate that a 45g serving (205kcal) gives you a 3/4 cup.

Wonderful cereal. Some might say horrendously irregularly-sized chunks – from knuckle-sized all the way to cereal dust pieces. I thought it was a welcome variation that you could get in your bowl. If you’re in the UK, buy this, and try it.

I had this, and bought this on a whim after a long run where i wanted to reward myself. (even though i’d be away from it for 3 months, as i’m returning home for the Summer)

Absolutely no regrets.

-The Exercising Male


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