Kelloggs Special Edition Crunchy Nut Yoghurt, Cranberry & Almond

Nothing gets a grocery store lovers blood pumping more than the sign of something new or special edition to excite our taste buds with; something that just has to be snapped up immediately to try due to the fact that it could be cruelly taken off our shelves at any moment..banished to only a name on Wikipedia taunting us of past editions that we may have missed out on.

Crunchy Nut Yoghurt, Cranberry & Almond

Do not fear though I managed to get my hands on this new Kelloggs Special Edition Crunchy Nut Yoghurt, Cranberry & Almond (wow that was a mouthful) in my local Asda store; standing out from the usual yellow box of Crunchy Nut this immediately stood out to me appropriately coloured a deep red with the usual overflowing bowl of tasty looking honey & nut cornflakes.

This version, however, doesn’t just have the usual honey nut cornflakes, no no, there’s also the edition of yoghurt coated flakes, dried cranberries and sliced almonds. I absolutely hate it when cereals boast these additional add ins and then, when you come to pouring yourself a bowl they seem to be few and far between..this I can safely not experienced here.

There are really good amounts of not only yoghurt flakes, but tangy satisfying dried cranberries..and huge..yes huge almond slices! This certainly isn’t a cereal that has skimped on the’ll certainly get your satisfying nutty fix here, not only in the honey nut flakes but in these delicious slivers of almond.

Crunchy Nut Yoghurt, Cranberry & Almond

If the original Crunchy Nut is tasty then this is amazing! Not only do you get the sweet flavour from the cornflakes but a wonderful fruity acidic tang from the dried cranberry pieces, a sense of creaminess from the yoghurt flakes and added crunch and “nuttiness” from the almond slivers, heaven in a cereal bowl.

And how do these compare to the original Crunchy Nut in the cereal milk department? Well the additional add ins don’t really the Original Crunchy Nut the honey nut cornflakes slowly break down in the milk and soften slightly, yet never getting too soggy thanks to the sugar coating..and what is left is a flavoursome sweet honey nut milk that is ready to be slurped down.

Crunchy Nut Yoghurt, Cranberry & Almond

The only downside I would say is the nutritionals of this cereal, it certainly isn’t one for the healthy conscious with a whopping 37g of sugar and 422 kcal per 100g; but as a treat now and then it is a perfect cereal to satisfy any sweet tooth you may have.
All I can say is..if you love Crunchy Nut then I would snap up a box of this before its too late and this Special Edition is taken off the shelves.

Crunchy Nut Special Edition Yoghurt, Cranberry & Almond

per 100g
422 kcal
7g protein
77g carbs (37g sugar)
9g fat (2.5g saturates)
0.63g salt
2.5g fibre


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