Bokomo Nature’s Source BeneFIT – Mixed Berry

Well, that was a long while away from the blog.

Apologies –  shuttling between Malaysia, and Singapore, and as an Intern in both locations, leaves barely enough time for oneself, let alone writing cereal reviews.

What have we today?

Muesli from Bokomo, which is being marketed as a healthier granola (by virtue of “Benefit”)

One word should convey the review: “Spartan”.

Bokomo is a company from South Africa, and dabbles in the breakfast cereal, processed grains, and hot drinks segments. They’ve got a pretty “medieval” style in their logo: the font gives Bokomo some ancient permance (note the “platformed” letters, with protrusions at the base and top of each alphabet)

The cereal box art is oddly sparse as well. It seems as if there was no digital touch-up done; on the photos of the cereal, such that all we’ve got is a picture of a bowl of cereal on a background. No funny mascots, nothing.

Clearly not targeting kids or teens or youths or adults who enjoy zesty packaging.

I wonder though: perhaps some might choose this cereal over others BECAUSE of the Spartan packaging; since it gives the idea of the “natural” / “healthy” / “less processed” choice over the other colourful sugary cereals.

The cereal in the box is equally spartan – raisins, some pittance of “mixed berries” grain, and some minor clusters here and there. The raisins aren’t the plump sort you get from expensive(ish) mueslies like Dorset; these raisins are smaller, shrunken, more like Alpen’s raisins. I even had some “dud” raisins (or were they berries??) which were way too dry to be described as anything other than a “burnt-out raisin” which came forth as a dull mass that you chew. Hoping to see some freeze dried berries? Dream on. I only recall biting into two or three dried cranberries. The rest were probably the “duds” mentioned above.

The bite that this cereal produces, primarily through its clusters, is a decent one, substantial, and more-ish. I was surprised that I enjoyed nibbling on the broken chunks / individual pieces of oats, when eating my platter of chocolate at night, as they gave a neutral yet wholesome flavour.

In milk? Plain. Exactly the same as eating it dry. It’s like a poached chicken breast. It tastes the same in soup, and the same when eaten plain. Soaking it in something does not change the texture, or taste of it.

I’ve warned you though; don’t expect much in the way of “crispy”, or “clusters” here. The largest “cluster” was the size of the nail on my pinky (my hands are small too), so it dwarfs in comparison to the large granola chunks that the more sinful cereals have.

I mean, look at this. They look absolutely boring and normal. No quirks about it – no large chunks of clusters, no odd rice krispies or nut pieces. 

The taste was plain – just as spartan as visuals and box art. The actual grain bits / cluster-remnants taste of lightly sweetened oats, albeit w/ some molasses added to bind them together. There’s also some fruit-juice sweetness detected.
The raisins are odd, poorly executed creatures; as mentioned above, the “burnt-out” raisins weren’t just a dull chewy mass, but left a bitter aftertaste as well.

Why, why do “healthy granolas” always fail? Has the bar which the “sinful” granolas have set, been set too high? Is it a standard that “healthi-fied” ingredients cannot achieve?

Either that, or I simply haven’t been exposed to any REALLY good healthy granolas.

Or, Bokomo’s Nature’s Source Benefit muesli has just failed, horribly.

The recommended serving size is a 1/4 cup, 30g, and that’s pretty dismal.

1 Serving = 30g = 75ml
Nutrients  Per serving %NRV*
Energy (kJ)431
Protein (g)3.3 6
Glycaemic carbohydrate (g) 14
of which sugars (g)  4.8
Total fat (g)  3.2
of which monounsaturated (g) 1.2
of which polyunsaturated (g) 0.8
of which saturated (g) 1.1
of which trans (g) <<0.1
Cholestrol (mg) <1 <1
Total dietary fibre** (g) 3.9
Sodium (mg) 84
What I usually do with this cereal is to mix it with some other lighter, crispier grain (such as… Cheerios, or Rice Pops), so that the dense bite is complemented with some puffier exuberance.

That, I find, is the only way to eat Bokomo’s Nature’s Source BeneFIT with something else which is TRULY “light and crispy”, to offset its dense bite.

-The Exercising Male


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