Kara’s Chocolate Coconut Milk

It has been quite some time since we reviewed any “non-dairy” milks as part of our on growing cereal milk orientated reviews – I mean come on you want the best to top your tasty breakfast cereal or midday snack!

I remember as a child absolutely adoring chocolate milk and chocolate milkshakes, I could quite happily glug back pints of the stuff, unfortunately however with maturity also comes knowing about how unhealthy these treats can be, loaded with sugar and fat its not the type of stuff that I’d want to drink or pour on my cereal on a regular basis.

This is where Kara’s Chocolate Coconut Milk comes in; although it still obviously has more calories etc in it than in regular milk it is certainly a “healthier” version of some chocolate milks that you may be used to – with 61kcal per 100ml, 11g carbs and 3.6g fat it’s not the worst I’ve seen, plus it has all the healthy fats from the coconut, which seems to be popping up more and more as a new health food recently!

It isn’t a particularly thick chocolate milk, so if you are used to the likes of Frijj milk and other thicker milkshake like drinks then you may be slightly disappointed as like Kara’s regular Coconut Milk it is quite thin and has a slight watery feel to it on the tongue; certainly not thick and luxurious tasting.

Kara's Chocolate Coconut Milk

I decided to try this both as a drink and on a plain sort of cereal such as regular granola. Pouring myself a glass full of the chocolate substance and taking a whiff of it, it immediately reminded me of the cereal milk that Nesquik leaves behind when you’ve had a bowl full of it. This was reinforced when I took a slurp of it – infact it tastes pretty much identical to Nesquik cereal milk! Less sweet than Coco Pops cereal milk, with a deeper, richer cocoa flavour and not overly sweet whatsoever – infact verging on slightly bitter, more as if it were a finer dark chocolate than a sweet commercial milk!

I probably wouldn’t drink this just as a regular drink – it’s not the type of milk I’d want to take a drink out of the carton from; it doesn’t have that refreshing nor indulgent feel to it. However poured on top of cereal it made a nice change to regular milk and added a richer element to a more plain type of cereal. I imagine that it would also work really nice in oatmeal or overnight oats to make a delicious rich chocolate oat treat.

When compared with regular dairy chocolate milks I would probably have to take the dairy version over this as unfortunately I didn’t find it as appetising; nevertheless if you are lactose intolerant/vegan and are still looking to enjoy all the goodness of chocolate milk it’s still a good offering.

Kara’s Chocolate Coconut Milk
per 100 ml

61 kcal
0.6g protein
11g carbohydrates (8g sugar)
3.6g fat (1.9g saturates, 1.6g MCFA’s)
0.5g fibre


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