This blog will discuss and review breakfast cereals. Writing styles differ among bloggers, and you may find that (sometimes) a “tight and serious” style is adopted. Below, it is hoped that these introductions give you an insight into the personalities of the writers behind these posts, and sufficiently tell you why we partake of these wonderful, manufactured, delicacies.

To start with we both have massive sweet tooths, and enjoy anything confectionary-realted. This translates to a love of sweets in the morning.

The Exercising Male
– i’m a student of the University of Oxford, and founded a Chocolate Club within it.
– i exercise quite a fair bit, in the endurance-sport sense, and participate in the usual marathons and triathlons.
– i don’t have any carbohydrates in my diet other than
1) Breakfast Cereal
2) Chocolate
3) Ice Cream
– pasta and rice is reserved for pre-race carbohydrate-loading.

Yes, you CAN live on a diet of sweets, and achieve some pretty decent sporting results. ( I suppose that should be qualified – I’m aiming for a sub 3-hour marathon this year!)

Anyhow, I’d like to drum up some publicity for my chocolate club – the Oxford Chocolate Enthusiasts’ Club. Pop a comment on this blog to find out more about it! 🙂

The Revived Foodie Female
– i was a student of the University of Oxford, where I met the “Exercising Male”, studying Computer Science, before I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted to pursue.
– i now plan to pursue a career in Food Marketing & Nutrition and am really interested in new product development..so I’m always one of the people to snap up the newest products on the shelves to try them out!
– i own my own cupcake business in the North East of England, http://www.cupcake-corner.org.uk
– i suffered from a very serious eating disorder a couple of years ago but am now fully recovered and love food more than ever, whether it be cereal, chocolate, fine cuisine or vegetables!
– i also enjoy running and various other forms of exercise, although don’t compete regularly
– i have another blog, based on chocolate reviewing, www.lot-o-choc.blogspot.com so make sure to check it out


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there, I love your blog! I’m a big cereal and cereal bar eater. I also do a lot of jogging, not quite marathon but half and 10k’s. Both cereal & bars also help me control my T1 diabetes. I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see what’s the latest cereal I must go out and purchase. Please look at my blog on cereal bars & videogames.
    Thank you and keep up the quality blogging!

    • Hi Adrian,

      It’s the exercising male here.

      Oh dear! I play tonnes of video games too; particularly on the PS3.

      So that’s one more thing in common then.

      Happy gaming, and eating, and running.

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoy our cereal ramblings! My mother is also T1 diabetic so I know all too well how cereal and cereal bars can be great at helping regulate things. Will make sure to check out your site as well and keep popping back to see all the new latest cereal finds :).

    – The Revived Foodie Female

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