Alpen Dark Chocolate Muesli

It seems like Alpen are constantly bringing out new varieties of muesli; and what with many brands seemingly hopping on the “chocolate” band wagon it was only a matter of time before Alpen decided to bring out a chocolate variety complete with dark chocolate curls, the usual blend of wheatflakes/rolled oats, raisins, sliced almonds and hazelnuts.

Dark Chocolate Alpen

I absolutely fell in love with the past release of Apricot & Almond Alpen so I really hoped that this variety would equally meet my high expectations and deliver a delicious morning bowl of cereal.

It has the same “dusty” sort of look as the various other Alpen varieties – slightly akin to wood chippings that may be found after a woodwork class; albeit this variety also has really good decent sized dark chocolate curls dotted around, its nice to see these aren’t measly little flakes but actually provide a good sustenance to them and make themselves known in each mouthful!

Dark Chocolate Alpen

As usual once pouring the milk on the Alpen, due to the addition of milk powder, produced it’s usual wonderful creamy consistency/flavour; however I really felt that something was missing, to me Alpen should be fruity, exciting and full of flavour and I just was left feeling that the dark chocolate variety was lacking something. The fruit/nut/chocolate combo does work, of course it does, but its not spectacular, there’s nothing that makes it stand out and I just felt that with so many other varieties of muesli to choose from I doubt I would go back to this one.

Dark Chocolate Alpen

I found that it was improved upon when adding it to other cereals as a sort of “pick ‘n’ mix” bowl of cereal, but on it’s own it was just a bit unexciting; despite this if you’re a fan of Alpen then at least you can be assured that this still carries the delicious texture/milk flavouring properties as the other varieties..and you never know it may prove to be more of a wonderful experience on your taste buds than it was on mine!

Alpen Dark Chocolate
per 100g

10.6g protein
64.3g carbs (24.5g sugars)
8.3g fat (2.8g saturates)
7.4g fibre


Dorset Cereals Toasted Coconut & Wheat Flakes

It’s always appealing to me when cereal companies produce small one serving packets – either for on the go, or just to try before you launch into buying a big box and end up eating a cereal that you’re not too keen on for weeks on end! Dorset Cereals started out just making various different muesli but recently they have expanded into granola, wheat flakes and the like.

Dorset Cereals Toasted Coconut & Wheat Flakes

The thing that really appealed to me about the Toasted Coconut & Wheat Flakes variety was the fact that it seemed to be a mixture of all three: oats, oat granola clusters, wheat flakes, pieces of dried coconut, dried fruit & sunflower seeds; it was like a cross breed between various different types of cereal.

I am pleased to say that there was no scrimping on the amount of dried fruit here with a decent 38% consisting of raisins, flame raisins, dates & dried apricot; meaning that every spoonful had a succulent sweet piece of moist juicy fruit. Unfortunately however this is about where the good points end for this cereal; yes the coconut flakes and the sunflower seeds add a nice earthy element to it and yes, the granola adds a bit of body against the lighter toasty wheat flakes and oats, but ultimately its just extremely average.

Dorset Cereals Toasted Coconut & Wheat Flakes

The flavour I found to be quite bland and unexciting and for all of you people out there that think that eating “boring” cereals like muesli etc is just like eating cardboard/rabbit food then this is probably one of the culprit cereals to re-enforce this image. The state of affairs becomes slightly worse when left in milk for a while with the wheat flakes becoming like soggy pieces of cardboard floating in a pool of milk dotted with delicious pieces of dried fruit that deserved such a better background cereal base.

Dorset Cereals Toasted Coconut & Wheat Flakes

You’d think with this being quite a “bland” cereal that it would be relatively healthy/low make matters worse..its not! At 381kcal per 100g its hardly the lightest of cereals on the waistline and for that many calories you certainly could get a lot better.

Dorset Cereals Toasted Coconut & Wheat Flakes
per 100g

381 kcal
8.2g protein
54g carbs (28.2g sugar)
8g fat (3.5g saturates)
8g fibre