Nature Path Love Crunch Aloha Blend

American granola always seems so much better than the UK varieties; more innovative flavours that never seem to disappoint in terms of satisfying chunks and delicious mix ins. I just knew then, that when one of my family members was going over to the US a month back that I had to say “pretty please” and do my sweetest smile and hope that they would bring me back some cereal I requested.

Thankfully they did and so here I am reviewing one of the delicious morsels that was brought back : Nature Path Love Crunch Aloha Blend.

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I’d tried the Carrot Cake blend before and had fallen in love therefore I was hoping that the Aloha Blend would be equally inspiring;  crunchy granola clusters, toasted coconut, juicy pineapple and huge white chocolate chunks..I mean really what’s not to like?!

I love how huge the clusters are in this granola; there’s certainly no skimping when it comes to the hefty crunchy oat morsels and the white chocolate chunks..all I can say is “wow”, this is the type of  cereal where you just know you’re gonna end up rooting around in the bag to try and find all of the ‘good bits’ and then when you come to pour yourself a bowl..all you’re left with is the oaty clusters!

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The sweet white chocolate, refreshingly juicy pineapple flavours and the earthy toasted coconut create a wonderful mix of flavours that when combined with the granola base just take you away on a tropical taste sensation (I know cheesy or what, but really I can’t express how good a cereal this is).

The granola clusters soften ever so slightly on the outside once popped into milk but still remain a deliciously crisp centre; whilst the milk is flavoured in a perfectly sweet creamy pineapple/coconut flavour..a bit like a non alcoholic pina colada. Wowza!   I know this cereal isn’t particularly cheap in comparison to other granola on the market, I think in the States it is priced around $5.99 for around a 400g bag which is pretty hefty; however if you want a special treat it is definitely worth it. It’s probably a good thing I can’t get my hands on it more easily or else I’m pretty sure both my waistline and purse would be suffering!

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Nature’s Path Love Crunch Aloha Blend
per 100g
67g carbs (20g sugar)
7g protein
23g fat (7g saturates)
7g fibre


Nature’s Path – EnviroKidz Panda Puffs (Peanut Butter)

A cereal with a dual-pronged marketing fork of a strategy:

1) Towards those who care for the environment, with proceeds going towards wildlife conservation

2) Towards kids (with the pictures of cute animals)

I guess that means this cereal is, or has, a “1-up” over your conventional cereals then, and I shouldn’t poke fun at the pictures of cutesy animals on the box, similar to how I made fun of those utilised by Kellogg’s.

I got these shipped in from the States through iHerb (use code QID159 for USD5 off your first purchase!) As they’re pretty difficult to find here in the UK, even in the larger Health Foods shops (let alone Oxford).

As you can see, these puffs are small, ball-bearing-like things. Smaller than a thumbnail. That makes them perfect for little mouths (I.e. Kids), and perhaps good also for topping other sweet desserts.

They aren’t light and puffy, mind you. They pack quite a dense wallop, in two ways:

1) Nutritionally:  at 120kcal for a 3/4cup serving – putting it on par with the major sugary cereals. It’s not as if those calories come from protein like those in Kashi GoLean, or even All-Bran. These are NOT “healthy” cereal puffs in anyway, not like puffed rice or puffed wheats or puffed what-have-you.

2) Texturally: the crunch is phenomenal. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything stay so crunchy for so long in milk before. I can’t quite quantify the time here; but let’s just say that these cereals aren’t as porous as Honey Loops (reviewed previously) or Cheerios. These are similar to those baked  crisps (if you’ve had those before) that are all the rage nowadays.

I guess, on physical characteristics alone, this cereal was made for kids: mouth-size-perfect, and crunchy in milk for a long time-perfect for those fussy children (or us slow cereal eaters!) Who take a loong time to eat our lovely bowl of goodness.

Now – Flavour-wise. The ingredients list mentions that ORGANIC peanut butter is used. So I guess one could expect a proper peanut kick from this. I was rather disappointed though; the peanut kick wasn’t as intense as I’d hoped, nor was it as sweet. Usually, when peanut butter cereals lack in sweetness, they make up with some strong taste of roasted nuts. Not here though – the flavour was hard to detect, subtle, “light”; and wasn’t indulgent in the usual expected way.

People who find the other peanut butter cereals such as Cap’n Crunch PB or Peanut Butter Bumpers or even Barbara’s Puffin Puffs to be too sweet will love this cereal. It scores way above the competition for texture, staying crunchy through-and-through, and has a light taste to it. 

This cereal is a must-eat with milk – then you can appreciate its structural brilliance as it stands up against your teeth in all the creamy milky goodness.

A thumbs up!

-The Exercising Male

Nature’s Path Love Crunch Carrot Cake Granola

Despite there being quite a large selection of granolas available in the UK, they all seem to be fairly un-inventive, oat clusters with raisins, or some other sort of dried fruit/nuts is normally about as far as it gets, so when I went on a visit to NY and popped into their Wholefoods I was taken aback at the sheer quantity of all these new and exciting products that were tempting my fancy! I pondered and pondered, walking up and down the cereal aisle, taking  boxes, putting them back, trying to work out how possible it would be in me fitting virtually every box of cereal on offer into my case to take back home.

Nature's Path Love Crunch Carrot Cake Granola

In the end I opted that about 6 would be a reasonable amount, this Nature’s Path Love Crunch Carrot Cake Granola was one of them, to be honest, I don’t normally opt for granola that often, unless its something really special, I find that tipping the scale at 400-500kcal per 100g they have to pretty special for me to choose them for breakfast and all I can say is that was most definitely worth the calories!

Consisting of rolled oats and spelt clusters, raisins, pecans, yoghurt chips, dried carrots, freeze dried pineapple and cinnamon; based on ingredients this should, on paper, be everything that a good carrot cake tastes of.  Even typing this review out I can still smell the strongly spiced aroma that is so wonderfully dispersed on opening the packaging; pouring myself a bowl it’s great to see that Nature’s Path haven’t been scrooges when it comes to adding the “different” elements of the granola, with a good amount of raisins, pecans and yogurt pieces (my favourite bit, yum).

Nature's Path Love Crunch Carrot Cake Granola

The likeness to actual carrot cake is superb..infact I would say this is even better than the real thing, I know I would choose a bowlful of this over a slice of carrot cake, any day..anytime! The sweetly spiced crunchy granola, the chewy raisins, the crunchy pecans and the tartness provided by the yoghurt chips in a wonderful likeness to cream cheese frosting just made it superb on every level.

And the milk? Well the milk was turned a flavourful mixture of sweet spices with a tart undertone where the yoghurt pieces had managed to seep some of their flavour out. And the granola? The granola stayed delightfully crunchy throughout with a good exterior give where the clusters had started to soften slightly. A big big thumbs up and a huge smiley face for this delicious if only they would bring something out like this onto the cereal aisles back home!

Nature's Path Love Crunch Carrot Cake Granola